Fenix281 Foundation

You can help support the mission of Fenix281 by purchasing a copy of "In the Shadow of Greatness" using the links on this page. Fenix281 helps our nation's heroes transition back to civilian life by providing business development expertise, financial aid, and employment assistance.

☆ Buy In the Shadow of Greatness for yourself. Read the stories of leadership, service, and sacrifice to understand why we believe returning veterans are uniquely suited to create and lead new business ventures. 

☆ Buy In the Shadow of Greatness for a friend, a neighbor, a co-worker. Tell your fellow citizens about the amazing accomplishments of these young men and women.

Make the commitment, buy the book, and support Fenix281. By using the links on this page, all proceeds from the Amazon Affiliate Program go directly to Fenix281. During Veterans Week, Fenix281 will also receive all book royalties on sales made via this site!

Fenix281 is an IRS 501(C)(3) Registered Non Profit Organization which has been established to help our Nation’s Heroes transition back to civilian life. Our mission is to empower returning Military Veterans through business development and employment assistance.

Our goal is to build an alliance between corporate partners, Veteran organizations, and public agencies to provide small business development assistance, and financial aid to all qualified veterans within our database. Additionally, we are working to offer exclusive, full-service employment counseling, and education assistance to transitioning Military Veterans.

Fenix281 will be a nexus for project development, public awareness, community outreach, employment opportunities, and fundraising for the Veteran community.

Some details:

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