Houston - Barnes & Noble (River Oaks)

7pm, Wedneday, November 14
Book Talk & Signing
2030 W. Gray Street
Houston, TX 

All are welcome; there is no charge to attend!


The afternoon of Wednesday, November 14, 2012, will be memorable for Houston and the surrounding communities. Come to Barnes & Noble in River Oaks to recognize the sacrifice of those lost in the wars abroad and learn more about the new book Tom Brokaw is calling a "must read for all Americans." The book was recently selected to be on the Chief of Naval Operations' reading list for 2013.

Lead editor Josh Welle will explain how the Navy and Marine Corps reacted after 9/11 and will provide perspectives of ten years at war. The discussion also touches on the leadership attributes of veterans and the applicability of those attributes both in and out of uniform.

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