Leadership Development

Selected to the Chief of Naval Operations' 2013 Reading List

The Chief of Naval Operations, the senior officer of the United States Navy, knows this book will make his 321,053 officers and sailors into better leaders. But In the Shadow of Greatness is much more than a book about the Navy or even the military. It is a book with dozens of examples of virtuous leadership in the face of almost incomprehensible adversity. 

The Book Team embarked on a national book tour to universities, corporations, and community groups to discuss 21st century military leadership. We spoke to small groups and large assemblies; thus far we've participated in over 60 events in 14 states. The full list of events includes over fifteen at major institutions of higher education.

General Martin Dempsey, the 18th Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, argues in his Strategic Direction to the Joint Force, "Military service must continue to be our Nation’s preeminent leadership experience." The private sector is actively recruiting veterans to their organizations. Today, former military members are the leaders of the nation’s most prominent companies, including Proctor & Gamble, Verizon, McDonald’s, and many more. But why is that? Why are these former soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines so valuable?

It is obvious that the military prepares men and women to be effective leaders. In the Shadow of Greatness is the first book to emerge from the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, though, that provides examples and explains exactly why and how this generation is already achieving greatness.

The book highlights the diverse and unique accounts of service from warriors who were the first Naval Academy graduates after 9/11. Their narratives share the importance of America's Long War and highlight the sacrifices and service of veterans throughout the nation. Within its pages you will find stories that will make you cringe, make you cry — and make you proud of our country.

Help us bring these stories to aspiring young leaders and Americans everywhere. Contact us if you'd like to explore using the book in a leadership forum, ethics class, or other educational setting.

We have spoken to groups of up to 350 people at the following schools:

☆ United States Naval Academy (Stockdale leadership series)
☆ Harvard University
☆ University of Southern California Marshall School of Business
☆ Johns Hopkins University Carey School of Business
☆ University of Virginia Darden School of Business
☆ University of California at Berkeley
☆ California Maritime Academy
☆ The Ohio State University
☆ Pennsylvania State University
☆ University of San Diego
☆ Rice University
☆ George Washington University
☆ Wake Forest University
☆ Texas A&M