Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society

From November 12-18, you have the opportunity to help Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society with their mission of providing financial, educational, and other assistance to members of the Naval Services, eligible family members, and survivors when in need.

☆ Buy In the Shadow of Greatness for yourself. Read the stories of leadership, service and sacrifice in the Naval Services.

☆ Buy In the Shadow of Greatness for a friend, a neighbor, a co-worker. Tell your fellow citizens about men and women in our armed services and their sacrifices for our nation.

From November 12 - 18, we celebrate Veteran's Week by celebrating the thousands of men and women who have given so much for the defense of our way of life.

Buy the book and celebrate these stories with us, the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society, and our fellow citizens. Our veterans deserve to have their stories told.

Make the commitment, buy the book, and support the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society. By using the links on this page, all proceeds from the Amazon advertising affiliate program go directly to the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society. During Veterans Week, NMCRS will receive all book royalties as well!

Some details:

- The book makes a great gift! Take care of your holiday shopping early!

- The Kindle version provides the most money for Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society. (Don't forget you can read Kindle-formatted books on almost any device. You can also give the Kindle version of the book as a gift!)

- By following one of the links to Amazon and then purchasing anything, you will help Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society via Amazon's advertising affiliate program. So, before you buy on, follow this link!