Patriot Week - Until September 15!

Demand has been overwhelming! Amazon has thousands available through our publisher. Buy the book this week, and they will have it shipped to you. Keep ordering from Amazon and earn the most for your organizations through their webpages listed below. The book is also available through Barnes &Noble (hardcover and Nook), iTunes, and many other smaller booksellers. (Royalties from these non-Amazon purchases are divided equally to all of our partners!)

E-books on Amazon Kindle never go out of stock, of course. If you can't wait to read the book, buy the Kindle version now and your specific organization will receive all author proceeds. And remember you don't need a physical Kindle to buy – can read Kindle books on computers, iPads, BlackBerries, iPhones, Android phones, etc. 

Through September 15, 100% of author proceeds from retail & online purchases go to these specific not-for-profit organizations.

Everything counts for our orgnizations during Patriot Week. No matter what you do, don't stop buying the book. Support veterans' organizations! Be patient – the books will ship!

Thanks to all,
The Book Team

If you want all of the proceeds to support one specific organization, buy through their landing page, choose from the list below to learn more about their mission and to purchase your copy.

The Travis Manion Foundation

Run to Honor

Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America

The Matthew Freeman Project

Semper Fi Fund

The Mission Continues

Veterans Campaign

Fenix281 Foundation

"This is a must read for all Americans - an up close and personal account of duty and sacrifice by graduates of the U.S. Naval Academy in Iraq and Afghanistan. You'll stand a little straighter when you mingle with these remarkable fellow citizens."

Tom Brokaw
Author of The Greatest Generation

Some details:

- When buying multiple copies, buy through Barnes and Noble, sale are counted higher to bestseller status. It is a pain, but helps:  buy one book, log off, buy another book, log off, buy another...

- National Bestseller Lists are computed based on weekly sales. Don't delay your purchases!

- Once we achieve national bestseller status, we'll receive better retail placement, more media attention, and higher sales – and therefore more money for our veterans' organizations.

- The book makes a great gift! Take care of your holiday shopping in September!

- The Kindle version provides the most money for the organizations above.

- By following one of the links to Amazon and then purchasing anything, you will help our veterans' organizations via Amazon's advertising affiliate program. So, before you buy on in September, follow the Amazon links from our organizations' pages (above) or support all eight organizations equally.